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Encounter with an ex

I work at Pearl Arts & Crafts in West L.A as a cashier, and today I was wearing a Lenore shirt. I start scanning this woman's stuff, who's standing there talking to her friend, when she turns towards me and makes a really disgusted face at my shirt. Then she looks me in the eye and says "That's Lenore." I'm not too sure what she's getting at so I say "Yes....she's a character from a comic book drawn by...." and she finishes my sentence by saying "Roman Dirge, yeah I know, I dated him." Her friend asked her all this crap like "Really? How did you two meet?" and whatever else she said, while I basically had to bite my tongue to keep from laughing since the look on this woman's face was obviously "I didn't think he'd get so famous with such a stupid little drawing."

Her name was Julie something if that rings a bell to any of you, I'm a fan of Roman's but not an obsessed fan who knows everything, so I had no urge to ask this woman anything. Maybe if I see her again I'll say something about Lenore just to piss her off *smirk*
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